CSR Activities


About Company:
Suryamitra Exim Private Limited, established in 1998, is a renowned shrimp exporter located in Andhra Pradesh, India. Over the past 25 years, Suryamitra Exim Pvt. Ltd. under the guiding leadership of Dr. Surya Rao Irrinki. The company started its journey in the year 1998 as Surya Marine Exports as a merchant packer and later built its first factory by 2000, starting with Japan's Itochu, the foreign trade kick-started in full swing, Mr. Surya Rao visited many other countries like Vietnam, China, Thailand, and European countries to know their seafood culture and understand what an end consumer wants in a product. The exports of the company grew year on year making Dr. Surya Rao more interested in increasing the varieties of seafood and ways to cater it to the world. Adding to his success in business his son Mr. Gangaram joined his father in this remarkable journey of growing business. Dr. Surya Rao received an honorary Doctorate from Westbrook University Texas for his contribution to social work in the field of aquaculture and society. That honor laid a stone in his heart and then he started many more activities under CSR and social welfare.

CSR and Welfare Activities:
Suryamitra Exim Pvt. Ltd. has been instrumental in supporting local villagers' livelihood by distributing high-quality staples kits which consisted of a month's ration for a family of 4, to villages nearby at the time of covid-19 pandemic. This operation was huge and had a very positive impression on the Company and its welfare activities, with guidance from the MD, our company staff visited adjoining villages and distributed those kits. Apart from distributing ration staple kits, Suryamitra also donated to various other trusts that have distributed immunity kits in collaboration with local PHC and medical distributors under the project AMRUTH. Apart from the CSR activities, the welfare programs by ISR and Bhavani Charitable Trusts are distributing These activities include the distribution of books and stationery to government school students, at a local middle school in Bhimavaram. Suryamitra Exim has donated Computers and its peripherals to the computer lab Dirusumarru Village ZPHS. Also, Suryamitra has constructed a bus shelter for Yanamadurru Village and Supplied, constructed a shed with a shutter, and installed a RO plant for mineral drinking water in the Toleru village. The company's commitment to CSR has not only enhanced its reputation but also fostered engagement with consumers, motivated employees, and respect and trust in neighboring villages and the larger society. As a part of CSR Suryamitra Exim has supplied Office furniture and infrastructure to a Panchayati Office of neighboring Yanamadurru village, apart from that company has organized Meet and greet with skill development programs for Aquaculture farmers and traders, and collaborated with fisheries promotion departments in meeting their targets and providing necessary support and resources. Suryamitra Exim Pvt. Ltd. believes that CSR is not just a corporate responsibility, but also an opportunity to give back to the community and contribute towards its sustainable development. We at Suryamitra Exim Pvt. Ltd. recognize the pressing issues faced by the local villages, such as education, medical needs, and social welfare, clean drinking water and address them by initiating various CSR activities. These activities not only aim to improve the quality of life of individuals and families but also contribute to the overall development of the local community and society at large. Our Managing Director Dr. Surya Rao Irrinki provides a livelihood for thousands of people directly & many more thousands of people indirectly through our shrimp export business. Dr. Surya Rao Irrinki's charitable trust established by him conducts various activities such as cultural events and social welfare activities apart from contributing towards the betterment of society through CSR activities. His activities in the charitable trust include access to higher education for the underprivileged students who approach him, better medical treatment and scholarship programs for the staff in need, and access to clean drinking water are essential for the betterment of society. It is now a common work culture among the staff of Suryamitra to avail free medical checkups with in-house Doctors and free medicines to all workers and staff. Apart from that there are yearly mega medical camps calling specialists from renowned hospitals and encouraging all the staff to participate in the camps. Apart from the medical camps company also arranges Blood donation camps amongst its employees to make them aware of the importance of Blood donations which can save lives in time of need. The company's CSR activities have not only demonstrated its commitment to ethical business practices and legal operations but also its dedication to improving the quality of life for employees.

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