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Suryamitra Exim Private Limited (SME) formely known as Surya Marine Exports was established in 1998, is a high-class shrimp exporter located in Andhra Pradesh, India. Over the past 20 years, Suryamitra has grown from a seafood farming company to one of the biggest shrimp exporters in the country. More than just shrimp representation and processing, Dr. Surya Rao Irrinki, Managing Director of Suryamitra, believes in prioritizing employee care, satisfaction, and loyalty all throughout the company. We produce more than 11000 tons of Shrimp per year.

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What We Do


With 20 yrs of experience & knowledge, Suryamitra has been able to export products internationally & now it is one of the top 10 US shrimp exporters from India


As a part of his efforts to spread the wings of the company, Dr. Surya Rao Irrinki established his own domestic brand,


Being located in a high shrimp-producing state, Suryamitra has been able to use their proximity to resources to close to 40 tons to raw material everyday.


In addition to multiple processing units, Suryamitra also owns a hatchery in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, which can gather up to 45 million seed per cycle & allows local farmers grow with fresh, reliable products.

our core values

Delivering At The Best In Time

Delivering At The Best In Time

At Suryamitra, we believe that quality doesn't matter about a product if the shipment does not reach as planned. As a food exporter, we take that to be one of top priorities during shipment dates and times.

Devoted Commitment

Devoted Commitment

LIke everything in life, mistakes happen. However, at Suryamitra, we keep those mistakes minimal, and strive to make those few faults our new strengths.

Determined Customer Care Quality

Determined Customer Care Quality

In any business, customers matter the most. Therefore, we, at Suryamitra try to make purchase you make as fast and clean as possible.

Choose Your Career

At Suryamitra, we believe that the employees are our assets who drive us to growth and success.In other words, the company's intellectual ability and efficiency are just the cumulative insight of each and every employee working in our company.  Suryamitra gives employees a great learning experience in a variety of roles, enabling adaptability in an ever-changing business environment. Because... Read More

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