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About Us

M/s Suryamitra Exim (P) Ltd. was formerly a partnership concern under name Surya Marine Exports started processing of sea food as a merchant packer managed by Dr. Irrinki Surya Rao as Managing Partner in 1998 with the main objective of exporting marine products internationally.

Dr. Irrinki Surya Rao has thorough practical knowledge about the culture and processing of seafood concentrated mainly on shrimps. In less than 4 years we have built our ice factory and processing plant with 39 tonnes daily production capacity. The firm was converted into a private limited company and is registered under Registrar of Companies, Andhra Pradesh and Dr. Surya Rao is the Managing Director in 2006.

Quality and hygiene conscious in our processing and production catered to varied importers and quickly built a reputation for a class product and satisfied customers list.

The Company has been awarded with Star Export House Status by Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India. The processing plant is now certified by European Union (E.U.No: 1819), ISO 22000:2005, BRC (British Retail Consortium) and USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration). The company is registered and monitored by MPEDA (Marine product export development authority) and E.I.C (Export inspection council of India ), small-scale industries department of Andhra Pradesh.

The company has increased its product range up to 32 packing varieties of shrimp and fish. Company is exporting to different countries of the world such as U.S.A, European Union, South Africa, West Africa, Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand since its establishment. It has its own and leased shrimp, fish culture farms in 100 acres of land, which are grown for direct export. The company is successfully providing direct and indirect quality employment to thousands of families.

We can process, pack and export IQF & BLOCK products like head-on, head less shell on, PUD, PDTO, PD, PPD, BUTTERFLY, EASY PEEL, SHUTTER PACK and also SPECIFIC CUSTOMER ORIENTED VARIETIES.

we have commenced export of Fish too, by processing and packing species like ROHU, CUTTLA, CRAB, POMFRET, RIBBON FISH, MACKAREL, SEER FISH, CUTTLE FISH, SQUID and other Fresh water varieties.

The registered brands for the company are Surya Premium, Pond Gold, Seazoy, Curry’, Surya Classic and ISR special. The company also exports customized brands such as Gambus, Tasty Choice, Star Pack and Asian Harvest as per the customer requirements.

Key Members

Dr.Surya Rao
Dr.Surya Rao